Do you have all of the software? Get the software here
Do you have all of the software?

Welcome to the FREAKSHOW. It is my goal to shock and delight you. If you are a new visitor, please go to the ticketbooth. At the ticketbooth, you will be able to get all of the software and plug-ins required to view the work on this site. If you hate plug-ins, I'm sorry. Because of the entertainment-oriented nature of this site, you'll need a few, including Apple's QuickTime/QuickTime VR and Macromedia's Shockwave. It is also advised that you connect via no less than a 28.8k bps modem.

If you have been here before, please enter through the gates.

I designed and created this site. Because it is my intellectual property, please do not embed it on your website, but feel free to link to it. I'd like to thank Ryan Kinnen for his help with Director, Apple Computer for creating the hardware that makes all of this possible, Macromedia, and Netscape... creators of the definitive web browser.